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Hi and welcome to Apocalypse miniatures.  


This is a one man band, a tiny little miniature manufacturer producing figures in pewter and white metal as well as resin scenery.  I have been involved with the hobby for well over 25 years, collecting, gaming and painting all manner of miniatures for all manner of games. I enjoy the creative side, creating miniatures and scenery that we think you might enjoy using.

I also purchase collections, whole estate lots, hourse clearances, folks leaving the hobby as well as part collections armies, clearance stock etc... This is mostly wargame related items but vintage toys, collectables as well as military items are considered.

ORDERS - email us direct and we will send you a paypal invoice ASAP.

EBAY - I have all manner of items for sale so please check out our new and used items on ebay - multiple UK and overseas postage can now be combined - It is easier to deal direct though so if you see items on ebay your after message us here direct and we can send you a paypal invoice direct. I have all manner of new and vintage wargames related items so check out our ebay shop.


If you wish to contact us then please email the following email address - Contact us through facebook or even our ebay shop.  


Got stuff you are never going to paint? Armies and games collecting dust because you have moved onto other game systems? Or you simply have stuff you don't want or have time to use any more? 

It make so difference how big the collection is so don't hesitate to call or message us with what you have and what you would like for it all.

We can also trade off items you would like from us for items you have no use for anymore or even part exchange them.

Depending on the size of the collection we can travel anywhere in the UK - (even Europe if its worthwhile) and collect, pack and move the items straight from your door.

We are interested in any wargaming items, games, miniatures (painted or unpainted), books, scenery, entire collections etc.

Military items both Modern or Historical.

Retro Toys and games - Action Man - star wars - etc...

Contact us on 07519 105 811

or email

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